Doctor doctrine the way forward for KPMG boss

KPMG BOSS John Griffith Jones (know affectionately here at TS Towers as JGJ) appears to have gone into an analogy frenzy, which we can only put down to Barnier-related stress disorder.

His comments last week in the FT, alluding that coalminers weren’t experts like accountants, certainly raised an eyebrow. Instead, the numerical double-checkers are more like doctors, he believes.

Today he’s gone back to doctors, this time to suggest that where doctors specialise in dealing with a tropical disease – would you refer to them as an oligopoly?

Should one doctor look at the right leg and another the left, as in joint audit, he mused.

Erm, we don’t know JGJ. We would say that perhaps you should see a doctor, but in this instance that might not be the best course of action.

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