Haymarket Hotel or Deloitte towers?

DELOITTE has taken the plunge and booked the whole of Haymarket Hotel, which has a 18 foot in-door pool, for about three weeks in August.

The Big Four firm has hired all 50 rooms at the hotel (pictured) including 17 suites for 21 nights during a particularly sport heavy summer, which includes both the Olympics and Euro 2012.

Some publications are outraged the firm which “killed off Woolworths” is able to book all the rooms.

TS thought Woolworths collapsed due to difficult trading conditions, was making substantial losses and its credit insurance had been withdrawn.

However, TS was informed by one Deloitte mole it’s hotel booking frenzy was just good business planning.

“We would book that many rooms during the summer in various hotels anyway,” he said.

“As London will be packed becuase of the Olympics we wanted to ensure we had the same allocation of rooms available in a timely fashion.”

TS is warmed by the fact the firm which recently posted revenues of $28.8bn (£18.6bn) up 8.4% on the last financial year, continues to be prudent.

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