Tax filing not for the faint hearted

TS WAS EXCITED at the prospect of trying out a ‘tax filing game’, released by IT giant CCH, called Auto-File.

The player is given four files to fill. Paperwork such as P2 forms, and several expenses such as fuel, train and accommodation, come flying out at you from every direction. The player must keep their calm because the game will end if they become too stressed.

After several failed attempts TS, is more frustrated, annoyed and frazzled from the horrendous losing streak and repeatedly clicking the mouse button (ahem and throwing it around a bit) that we have no idea whether to highly recommend the game as incredibly addictive or to warn others to save their wrists the exertion!

Try for yourself

The individual with the highest score will be displayed on various industry websites, and at the end of each month the top scorer will receive £500 of John Lewis Vouchers.

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