Planes trains and auditors

CONGRATULATIONS to Crowe Clark Whitehill partner Fiona Hotston Moore for her promotion to head of corporate business for London. However, it very nearly never came about, as Hotston Moore was in not one, but two emergency landings within hours of each other on her way home from Spain.

Hotston Moore was travelling on budget airline RyanAir when the cabin began to fill with smoke. The aircraft landed safely in Paris with the crew and passengers escorted to safety.

Apparently a fuse had blown and after a couple of hours an electrician gave the all clear for passengers to board the same aircraft.

Hotstone Moore, ever the auditor, rang a friend for a second opinion on what to do, who suggested if the electrician was getting on the flight, get on it!

However, the electrician was on the flight behind hers. This was discovered when a second fuse blew and the cabin again began to fill up with smoke and the plane made a second emergency landing.

The CCW partner found herself stuck at Gatwick (instead of Stansted) several hours late and waiting for an electrician (what’s new there – Ed).

She later told TS the moral of the story is to always get a second opinion and follow their advice, it’s probably that mentality that got CCW racing through the latest Hemscott auditor ranking list! 

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