Don’t interrupt me

RESEARCH SUGGESTS the digital age is making people rude.

Apparently 31% of UK workers would answer a mobile call during a face-to-face meeting, according to a survey conducted by

A staggering 41% remain “glued” to their mobile during a meeting through sending texts, tweeting etc.

I’m not the greatest tweeter, my followers will know, but I am constantly glued to Tweetdeck.

However, it is slightly worrying that one in three 20-39 year olds would take a call during a meeting.

Although I love technology (sometimes), I believe it should add to the communication toolbox used by organisations, not detract overall.

One should not be placed in priority of another just for the sake of it. Both avenues of conveying your profile or obtaining business is important; face-to-face and technology.

The more worrying statistic shows 36% of companies now block websites they deem inappropriate to work related activities. I’m sure Facebook features high on that hitlist.

But that suggests a lack of understanding of the potential plusses of social networking to ‘doing business’.

A quarter of businesses have the right idea and are providing better training on managing information.

I however, can’t keep my eyes off my smartphone and email and have resorted to turning the phone off when meeting someone. There’s having lines of communication, and just ignoring someone.

Maybe we’d talk to each other more if our faces resembled screens.



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