TS and the internal audit menagerie

TS WAS HONOURED to be invited to the Institute of Internal Auditor’s annual soiree this week. Our first mistake was to ignore the ‘black tie’ invite, turning up in civvies to a bash where ball gowns flirted with tuxedos and medals were out in force.

Fortunately, TS has the natural charm and aplomb necessary to pull off this kind of fashion faux pas.

The evening got off to a flying start with a few words from chief exec Dr Ian Peters – “internal audit” and “essential” featured heavily among them.

After a lavish meal, CBI director John Cridland waxed lyrical about the value of internal audit in a risk-obsessed market which, unsurprisingly, went down well.

However, he was almost eclipsed by the comedy stylings of institute president Melvyn Neate… just don’t ask him to tell you the one about the vulture, the puma and the ass.

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