E&Y hits vital stats over its female leaders

TS NOTED with great interest that Deloitte and E&Y have been on a bit of a recruitment frenzy.

Well, more E&Y actually, announcing a raft of new partner appointments and new leadership board bods.

One note in E&Y’s press release caused TS some mathematical indigestion though.

“28% of the 18-strong leadership team are women, an increase of 8%, demonstrating the firm’s ongoing commitment to diversity”…

Erm, TS doesn’t really know what this means. “…Increase of 8%…” Eight percentage points? We think it means there were four women on the board and now five. But TS isn’t quite sure, and doesn’t really want to hear an explanation.

As for Deloitte and its two new non-execs, there were thankfully few numerical distractions.

However, TS assumes Deloitte is frustrated that it can’t make more of new non-exec DeAnne Julius – who works on boards in Switzerland, what with Deloitte ditching its own Swiss Verein legal structure in 2010.

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