CIMA goes deep cover for ‘public’ disciplinary hearing

TS NOTED CIMA has been busy of late, doing its utmost to change the dictionary definition of “public”.

The institute recently held ‘public’ disciplinary hearings over the case of council member Margaret May, who stands accused of gross misconduct and mounting a personal attack on chief executive Charles Tilley.

Despite the hearing’s public status, CIMA refused to reveal who was attending – turning up on the day is the only way to winkle out that nugget of information – and requests for notes on the proceedings were flatly ignored.

Even the process by which the public can attend is cloaked in mystery. TS had to send an email to an nameless entity requesting permission to attend; the response was a perfunctory one-liner – with no name or signature – grudingly granting us the green light.

We at the TS desk are dusting off our trench coats and dark glasses ready for the next May hearing – it’s on Tuesday morning at the Allen and Overy offices, in case anyone would like to jump through hoops to join us.

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