ICAEW needs to brush up on maths

INSOLVENCY PRACTITIONERS have been given some stick of late. What with an Office of Fair Trading investigation earlier this year and ongoing press headlines surrounding their fees when company collapses (ahem) to name a few.

But at least they can add up.

At a recent ICAEW insolvency event, attendees were asked to vote on whether they think the current complaints procedure should be left as it is, taken away from regulators, or revised to include an independent complaints body.

Apparently, 101% of people voted.

That’s right: 49% said it should be left as it is; 12% taken away; and 40% want a new complaints body.

As TS was chuckling on the way out, almost every delegate that passed by stopped to tell us the absurdity they had just witnessed.

We here at TS are very proud of the insolvency practitioners’ ability to spot a mistake… but take note, we too can add up!

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