And it is a yes from Whiting

A few weeks back, TS brought you news of the potential rivalry between Take That tour and the Office of Tax Simplification tour led by heartthrob John Whiting.

Well, it looks as though Whiting has had enough of dealing with the small fry of the music world in Gary Barlow and now has his target set on Barlow’s new boss at the X Factor, Simon Cowell.

When asked at a recent event what his ultimate ambition is for tax simplification, Whiting answered: “I’d like to see, in five or ten years time, Simon Cowell presenting the Tax Factor, where people would give their ideas on simplification and be voted out.”

This does seem to TS like Whiting is setting his sights low. With his famous dry wit and presumably greater knowledge of tax simplification than Cowell, shouldn’t Whiting (pictured) be in line for the top role?

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