Gromit holds the floor at ICAEW

TS was more than surprised to find the ICAEW had elected a stuffed Gromit toy to its council.

One of the (human) members brought the plasticine-inspired critter to this morning’s meeting, where a new president of the illustrious institute was solemnly elected. Gromit occupied his own space in the amphitheatre, thrust forward into the centre like the kid in nursery who always wants more attention.

Owner Joe Smoczynski introduced him to the board, before starting his question: “Gromit wants to know…”

To TS’s surprise, no-one batted an eyelid and Gromit’s question was answered with the utmost integrity.

Were TS to require the services of an accountant, one that was not channelling a stuffed dog would probably be our first choice.

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