Inspectors’ bark worse than their bite

BILLIONS OF POUNDS are spent on elaborate tax avoidance schemes designed by sharp minds to outfox the taxman. But, as far as TS knows, not one tax boutique has advised the purchase of a boisterous dog.

What do you mean that’s nonsense? It seems as though it is inspectors’ Achilles heel.

Abbey Tax Protection tells us of a tale around the business records check initiative. The tax insurance company heard of an accountant whose client received a letter informing her that they would be checking her records at home, where she worked.

The HMRC officers were informed that the client owned a “large, boisterous” dog.

The accountant offered to have the records checked at his office, instead. However, whereas the client was based in Manchester, the accountant was based in Bolton – where HMRC did not have anyone based. Therefore, the visit was called off.

HMRC might be showing its teeth a bit more these days, so it might be worth showing off your own. Or investing in a “beware of the dog” sign.

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