Hunt ends too well for Olympic tickets

It seems Griffins insolvency practitioners partner Stephen Hunt has become a global superstar for bagging himself £11,000 worth of 2012 Olympic tickets.

At the TS desk we are all amazed at the celebrity whirlwind that has surrounded his ticket allocation. It seems newswires across the world are falling over themselves to hear the tale of the man who managed to beat the mayor of London and many others to bag such a prize.

The IP, who made £36,000 worth of bids, credits his winning, or losing depending how you look at it, to working the odds.

He even set up a blog to explain the tale of his success:

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing, Hunt was not expecting his £11,000 surprise and had the initial payment declined. Following a “helpful” email from the organisers of the event, Hunt spoke with his wife and managed to raise the credit.

What interested TS was Hunt’s rendition on the BBC Today programme that during crunch talks with his wife, the couple were trying to recall if their wedding vows included the wife promising to obey or cherish her husband!

You can’t win them all can you?

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