CFOs and deputy PMs alike

AFTER HIJACKING a prestigious finance directors’ dinner, TS was shocked and impressed to hear the tales spun by merry FDs as they drank and discussed the tough world they operate in.

There were recounts of missed flights, uncomfortable profit meetings, roaming charges when abroad, expense accounts gone mad, the list is endless.

However, Richard Moat, CFO and deputy CEO at telecoms provider everything everywhere, trumped everyone with his tale of meeting deputy PM Nick Clegg at a recent bash earlier this year.

As the former CEO of T Mobile, which merged with Orange, he is said to have confronted Clegg muttering… “We’re alike you and I… both former heads of organisations which we’ve tried to bring down. And now we’re number two in command of the merged beast.”

It is rumoured that Clegg just laughed and quickly moved on.


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