CCH conference proves eye-boggling

Can you see a man’s head in among the coffee beans?

If it takes you less than 30 seconds you use the right side of your brain, if it takes you more you use the left side of your brain.

At today’s CCH conference we at the TS desk were delighted we saw it in approximately three seconds! However we were pipped to the post by an accountant three rows back.

Astounded that our cheating (as we had taken the test on a previous occasion) hadn’t worked we were eager to find out just what this person had done to find it so quickly. Even speaker Peter Fisk from Genius Works was interested to know how the delegate found the man so quickly.

Apparently said delegate had cramp in his leg and wasn’t even interested in the picture.

It took more than half the room more than 30 seconds to identify the head, but apparently individuals who take a while to see it would be very good at using software such as Excel.

All of that from a bald head in coffee beans. TS thinks we’re in the wrong career.

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