Heartthrob sensation Whiting sparks feud with Take That

TS was probably more New Kids on the Block than Take That. But unfortunately, we’re just that bit too old for the latest touring sensation – the Office of Tax Simplification, led by heartthrob lead singer John Whiting (pictured left).

No doubt conjuring up memories of their long-standing feud with East17 for Gary, Robbie and the boys, Whiting compared his own group’s commitment to its fans with that of Take That. He told Accountancy Age: “Back in November/December we did a lot of roadshows, going out and about and basically went to a whole range of places. At the time there was another group going on the road – but we did more dates than Take That.” In an attempt to defuse a potential row, he added: “Possibly they were more popular – I don’t know.”

You may recall when Whiting left PwC, the Big 4 firm set up hotlines to help his screaming teenage fans who were shocked by the decision. One fan said: “Whiting was always my favourite – I had his poster on my wall. I always loved his cheeky explanations of what constituted aggressive tax avoidance schemes.”

Whiting did not go on a failed attempt to conquer America, but PwC were able to continue in his absence and have not recently announced their comeback tour.

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