Stephen Hunts down £36k of Olympic tickets

TS IS SKITTISH with excitement as the countdown to London 2012 Olympic ticket allocations has begun.

Whenever the editor steps away from the desk we’re on our bank website, rapidly keying in our details to find out if a) we’ve been successful in purchasing a ticket, or b) we’ve been cloned and money has been stolen.

The minions in TS Towers think they are in with a chance having bid for several tickets – to the tune of 1,500 quid – for the not-so-popular but hugely entertaining events such as synchronised swimming; judo first round, and lacross.

However, the BBC has reported that many have been outwitted in their approach – by none other than Stephen Hunt, insolvency practitioner at Griffins.

He is reported to have made a staggering £36,000 worth of bids. But he’s not being greedy – just taking a calculated risk.

“The chances of me getting all my allocation are almost nil, in fact the chances of getting one ticket out of that lot is quite small, ” he told the Beeb.

“I paused when I saw how much I was applying for, how much it would actually come to but if you think about it, it’s like rolling or getting heads twenty times in a row.”

Logical thinking. We are shocked we didn’t come up with the same idea and have now stopped checking our accounts as surely failure is upon us.

We at TS were also left wondering if Hunt will have any problems ensuring £36,000 is available in his bank account?

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