There’s no shame in being an accountant

TS WAS looking forward to the latest series of the guy who made computers in the 1980s looking for his Apprentice, who LordSirAlanSugar presumably hopes will make computers THE must have gadget for the coming decade.

Among the contestants vying to shout loudest about how great they are, one stood out – Edward Hunter. He lost the task, which involved making the most profit from £250 through selling food products. The men’s team, of which he was leader, failed because of a lack of basic understanding of costings. Which is slightly embarrassing, considering Edward – the team leader – was an accountant, trained at PwC and a member of ICAEW (thanks to FCA blog for that), no less.

But Ed is no ordinary accountant – he “breaks the mould”, as he told LordSirAlan. Indeed, he “accidentally” fell into accountancy (not sure whether he put this on his application for the PwC graduate scheme). Throughout the whole show, he made clear his dislike for accountants.

“He is trying incredibly hard to show he is not an accountant, but unfortunately he left a lot of the good parts of accountancy at the door,” one teammate said.

But LordSirAlan said that this was perhaps not the best strategy. “There is no shame in you being an accountant,” said LordSirAlan. “Don’t put yourself down.”

Ed put forward the defence that he showed character in putting himself forward in the first place. Especially, as he said, “not only am I the youngest, but I am the shortest.”

Sadly for Ed and TS, he became the first contestant fired. We wonder whether he will be showing back up for work at PwC Reading. If such a staid environment full of accountants can handle such a colourful character, of course.

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