Hotel Inspector runs rule over Bed & Bookkeeping establishment

CAN YOU SPOT an accountant a mile off? TS thinks so.

The spectacles, for starters. Should’ve gone to a Well-Known High St Eye-Wear retailer is perhaps the best way to describe their optical attire.

They tend to be, how shall we say, ‘quite shy’…

So TS wasn’t surprised at all to find out that yesterday’s Hotel Inspector, on Channel Five, starred a former chartered accountant, David Maloney, of Reynolds & Co in Exeter.

David was very strict, and certainly liked things being done his way. He had even eschewed the internet, or a machine to take credit card payments.

In all fairness, he certainly won over presenter Alex Polizzi with a self-deprecating style and a wee bit of charm as well.

Good stuff David. For more information about the show and David’s hotel, Brendan Chase in the Lake District, click here.

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