Philip Longs for Olympic role

WHEN NEWS THAT PKF’s national head of corporate insolvency was retiring TS was beside itself with grief, as I’m sure you were. However, Philip Long will remain as a “consultant” for the firm.

The man who has worked on F1 administrations as well as football club collapses will see his working week reduced to just two days. What will the man who has spent more than 38 years in insolvency work do with his spare time?

Apparently he wants to join the UK Olympic team. Or to be precise, the insolvency guru has signed up to volunteer.

It is estimated there are 250,000 applications and just 70,000 volunteers needed. But, Long made it to the interview stage.

Our sources tell us that Long hasn’t interviewed in quite some years, 1973, and was quite nervous at the prospect.

When asked how it went, Long said he felt he was in with a chance and that it was like being “interviewed by my daughter”.

TS is behind Phil all the way and we’d like nothing more than to see him head for the high jump.

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