CIMA in the cold as CCAB moves on

UK institute forum the CCAB – where the profession puts itself forward as a united front a couple of times a decade – faced a big blow when CIMA pulled out last week.

You’d expect the sniping and recriminations to have begun in earnest, but with the institute chiefs out of town on an IFAC jolly-up, it’s been relatively quiet…

However, TS gathers that the CIMA bods were none-too-impressed at the CCAB press release announcing that the institute had buggered off.

With CIMA still technically a member of the CCAB (which will be reformed under a different moniker), the institute was ‘very surprised’ that the notice went out without its prior knowledge or signoff, catching them on the hop.

An administrative oversight surely, or the CCAB members making it clear that CIMA aren’t part of the gang any more and can’t have it both ways?

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