Mock the conference II

TS IS DISAPPOINTED to find there are not many gags doing the rounds at the Brussels conference on audit reform. However, we were tickled to come across two in this morning’s session.

First was the one about windows. Apparently there are two rules at the EU. The first one is for the poeple working in the Charlamagne building and says you can’t look out of the window in the morning. No, you can’t do that because then you’d have nothing to do in the afternoon. The second is for the officials in Berlaymont building and is simply the reverse of the first rule.

That one got us chuckling.

The other joke was simply: “Why do you have two policemen in a car? Because one can read and the other can write.” TS has long since forgotten the context for that particular jolity, but it has something to do with auditors. If you can figure it out, let us know.

While we on the subject of jokes its worth pointing out that Jules Muis, former E&Y partner and once of the EU and the World Bank commented that the audit model needs a “frontal labotomy” and the role of of the modern day finance director needs a “Bazooka” taking to it. We at TS feels he watches too many action movies on pay-per-view the night before a conference.

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