Accountants’ Tweet Up breaks down institute rivalries

NICE TO SEE that social networking can break down typical rivalries.

Elaine Clark is promoting a Twitter hashtag (#attu) to collate information for what she colourfully describes as…The Accountants Terrific Tweet Up.

She’s trying to work out how many accountants, tax pros and bookkeepers currently use Twitter. A regular blogger on the ICAEW’s forums, the call has gone out to the so-called Twitterati. Thos etaking part are encourage to fill in some details on the ICAEW forum itself.

But TS was amused to seen that even the ACCA is promoting accounting tweeters to take part. However, ACCA decided against including a link to the ICAEW forum’s website, presumably preferring people to send their details direct through the Twittersphere.

Still, small steps and all that.

Clark’s Twitter account is @cheapaccounting


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