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Austerity Mum's recruitment campaign

TAKING STOCK believe that Austerity Mum should be in marketing.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, this week saw the unmasking of formerly anonymous blogger Austerity Mum as Lisa Unwin, one-time head of comms at Deloitte and married to PwC’s head of consulting Ashley Unwin.

Not so embarrassing you might think until you see that Lisa had been writing on trying to save money by cutting holiday helicopter flights, trips to the Maldives (though Morocco remained a possibility) and suggesting her husband resole Berluti shoes instead of buying new ones. By the way she called him the Chief Spending Officer – a reference to his less than austere domestic spending habits.

Cue much ganshing of teeth and indignation in the press at what passed for hard times in the Unwin household. Her insensivity was, apparently, appalling, her emergence from obscurity of great embarassment to Mr Unwin who no doubt faced much humuliation at work (TS would love to hear what Mr Unwins’ new nicknames might be).

But hold on a minute. Berluti shoes? Helicopter rides? The Maldives? And lest we forget it, they lived in a house worth “squillions” in the East End of London? (Well, maybe not the East End).

TS has rarely seen such a comprehensive recruitment campaign for the accountancy profession. It there were any doubts about the potential rewards on offer to successful accountants in the Big Four Unwin has washed them away (with very expensive toiletiries, probably from Liberty).TS wouldn’t mind betting this year will see bumber applications for Big four jobs. Unwin you should probably be charging commission.

BTW, do switch the blog back on. Need some advice on the TS string of polo ponies.

(Picture: Someone else in the Maldives)

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