Goodwill to some, but not all

ACCOUNTANTS, IT SEEMS, are not the cheeriest bunch of people in the office. A press release that recently landed on the TS desk had us chuckling into our eggnog.

Apparently less than a third of accountants actually enjoyed the Christmas party and catching up with work pals, while 28% said they only make a token appearance at the event as they don’t like socialising with colleagues!

And the Scrooge-like behavoiur of beancounters doesn’t stop there. On average, they spend just £6.20 on Secret Santa gifts.

The survey conducted by Office Life of 3,000 office workers also found the biggest grievance at work is to do with the boss (19.8%), closely followed by colleagues (19%).

Although accountants found the most annoying activity undertaken by their colleagues as talking loudly on the phone, we at the TS desk were wondering if anybody out there can help clarify why it is accountants are shying away from the limelight, or are so repulsed by their colleagues!


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