Santander’s amazing, multiplying FD

ARE FOUR number-crunchers better than one? Apparently so at Santander UK.

Reeling from losing three top execs to Lloyds, including its CFO Antonio Lorenzo, Santander decided that it didn’t need a CFO at all. It needed four.

The lucky recipients are…(deep breath (keyboard?)) Justo Gómez, Monica Cueva, Alison Brittain and last but not least – Miguel-Ángel Rodríguez-Sola.

In fairness, its UK executive committee has expanded rather than just lump all of Lorenzo’s tasks onto the incumbent chiefs.

And banks, well, they do do things dfifferently don’t they? TS seems to recall that they were among the last corporates to take FDs on at board level. Perhaps they’ll be the first to ditch them too.

Could we be seeing the death of the FD? Share your thoughts with TS.

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