Will ICAEW prove it has SME practice interests at heart?

THE BIG FOUR can look after themselves, let’s face it.

The question is, does the ICAEW know that?

A meeting takes place today at institute HQ Moorgate Place to discuss what form its practice-focused special interest group (SIG) should take.

The previous incarnation, the Practice Advisory Board didn’t really work out. SPA chairman Peter Mitchell had bemoaned the big practice representation on the board.

Surely he’s right. A practice SIG has to look after the interests of those that really need it – the SME practice.

If the Big Four, or even top twenty, firms need help from the ICAEW then they can ask them, I’m sure the institute will oblige.

Smaller firms need ongoing help, whether it be general practice management advice or legal advice. And for the institute to help it needs a sympathetically-elected representative group, preferably not headed up by Big Four partners.


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