Accountants take it on the chin

TS was glad to see recent government guidance on dealing with
intruders meant it was OK to kill burglars – in the right circumstances.

After all, a lot of money had been invested in the infra-red
laser-guided machine-gun and RPG launcher at home. But cruelly, it now
seems it’s also fine to knock seven bells out of your accountant – in
the right circumstances.

Company director John Cowie recently
walked free from Paisley Sheriff Court after pleading guilty to
assaulting his accountant. Cowie, of Bearsden in Glasgow, laid into
John Stewart after finding out he faced fines of £1,589 from Companies
House because the firm had lost his paperwork. Cowie’s actions,
however, did not even merit a fine.

So if discipline by your
institute for shoddy work doesn’t put the frighteners on you, perhaps
the potential arrival of an angry client with a set of knuckle-dusters

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