Romance is dead at E&Y

Love was in the air this week as TS enjoyed the flowers and devotion
that comes with Valentines Day. Thanks, boss. But down at Ernst &
Young, affection and candle-lit dinners were not the priority.

Instead, E&Y called on couples to cast aside cooing and cuddling
and ‘consider the fiscal benefits of proposing to their loved one on
the romantic day’.

The firm drew up a ‘checklist of the key tax
benefits of matrimony’, highlighting how getting married can be a good
decision, even if you are not in love.

‘Marriage is a prudent
option, if only in tax terms, because of capital gains and inheritance
tax benefits,’ enthused E&Y’s Patrick Stevens.

TS can only
imagine how successful that line has been when dropping the big
question. You can always rely on accountants to suck the life out of a
romantic occasion.

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