Sorry, u r fired. Cul8r :-(

Accountants aren’t best best known for their technological prowess.
So expectations that the Revenue is to roll out compulsory online
filing in the next few years might strike fear into the hearts of some
financial types.

Recent research backs this up, as only 10% of accountants recently
said that email was their most used form of communication. This is
compared to 24% in the legal profession and 47% within call centres.

But there was one aspect of the modern world that some in the accountancy profession had found more useful than others.

2% of accountants said they would make people redundant using text
messages – it was a method that other professions found totally

It reminds TS of the time KPMG made 750 staff
redundant via email. Perhaps accountants are slowly taking technology
to their cold, cold hearts after all.

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