In a Leather over the Olympics

All this Olympic bid schmoozing has got TS dreaming of the possibility that London might actually come up trumps, upset all the odds and beat Paris to the finish line.

David Leather, finance director of Manchester airport and former deputy chief executive of the Commonwealth Games, is one person who’s keeping close tabs on progress.

He may be based a few hundred miles away up north, but he’s as keen as any soft southerner for Lord Coe and his team to beat the French (and the Russians, Americans and Spanish). And if it does come off, our money’s on Leather as FD for the whole London Olympics.

Not that he’s admitted he’ll go for the job should it come up, of course. But if his exemplary track record (if you’ll pardon the pun) running the Commonwealth Games wasn’t enough to clinch the deal, TS can’t help thinking that Leather knows a bit more than he’s letting on. The fact that his office is on the fourth floor of Olympic House has got to be a sign, hasn’t it?

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