A blind bull on the rampage

The only reading material TS usually receives from accountants are piles of files on IFRS and tax. So we were excited to discover that Andrew Segal – founder of insolvency practice A Segal & Co, recently acquired by Begbies Traynor – had served up something slightly more tantalising.

Segal is author of The Hamilton Conspiracy, a ‘financial thriller’ promising ‘a roller-coaster ride through the world of high finance’. The novel’s protagonist is the ‘arrogant, overweight and obsessive’ insolvency practitioner Jack Gregory, who has watched his ‘businesses (go) up in flames’.

He then ‘hatches an outrageous plan to recover his lost millions’ and ‘like a blind bull, rampages on to a conclusion where even victory will be laced with the bitter taste of defeat’.

TS is delighted to hear Segal is to be made a director at Begbies. If he’s anything like his protagonist, the firm could have a pretty interesting time.

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