Payback time for office slaves


As a hard-working back page, TS is no stranger to working the odd late night, for no reward, to ensure our dear readers get their dose of gags and gossip every Thursday. And, in this it seems, we are not alone.

Accountants are one of the most likely professions, alongside insurance, to work excessive hours of unpaid overtime, according to a TUC survey. On average, managers in accountancy work an extra nine hours 12 minutes every week, which if paid at the standard rate, would earn them an extra £10,000 a year.

In response to all this free labour, the TUC has dubbed tomorrow ‘work your proper hours day’. Employees are encouraged to start and leave work on time and take a proper lunch break. Bosses are also urged to say thank you to staff by taking them out for coffee or a cocktail.

If TS hears of a bar selling £10,000 cocktails, we’ll let you know.

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