Blog Off!

It is with some trepidation that TS usually embarks upon an interweb surfing trip, given our fear of electrickery, but sometimes these blog things – personal online journals –  prove to be just too irresistible.

Salam Pax, the blogger from Baghdad who detailed life during the US invasion, and Belle du Jour the high class, er, hostess who recounted her trials and tribulation with clients, are listed as favourites on the TS browser.

In fact, our enjoyment of them was a large part of the reason that we set up this blog here (feel free to post any comments or suggestions for future TS stories).

So it is with no small amount of sadness that we heard about the end of another of our favoured blogs, authored by a certain Jon Lisby, managing partner at Numerica. In a missive to partners, he confessed he found the demands of posting a blog more troublesome than an email, so he’s given it up.

Sad that. A posting after the firm’s recent pre-tax losses would have made interesting reading.

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