Reasons to be Cheerful

TS got to thinking the other day about how miserable it can be being the back page of a respected journal, while downing our third expensed cognac in The Ivy. Sure, there are the parties, meals and exotic travel, ­ but does it really make you happy?

We’re sure our accountant chums would understand our dilemma. After all, a recent survey from City & Guilds found that just 7% of the accountants they asked were very happy in their job, while the same small number have no regrets about their career path.

This compares very poorly with other professions such as hairdressers (40%), chefs (23%), plumbers and mechanics (both 20%).Yet despite this miserable result, the survey also found the vast majority of accountants believe they are adequately financially rewarded, feel respected and find the job rewarding.

You have to wonder what actually would make our dear readers happy.

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