Joan gets in character

Joan Collins is a lady not to be crossed, as her tax advisers Citroen Wells recently learned. The firm is in a bit of a legal battle with the TV temptress.

The star ­ who played evil Alexis Carrington in Dynasty ­ is, in true Alexis style, having none of it and is scrapping it out over a bill from the firm.

These are intriguing matters for TS, so we called her publicist Paul Keylock. Unfortunately he seemed unable to help but suggested we speak to Ms Collins’ manager.

‘Who is the manager?’ TS asked.

‘He doesn’t wish that to be known at this point in time,’ Mr Keylock told us.

Strange that, because Ms Collins’ manager, a certain Peter Charlesworth, is clearly identified on Joan’s own website.

TS hopes that Ms Collins’ lawyers’ communication skills are a tad better than that.

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