Auditing – a racy profession


With TS refusing to watch TV until the disgraceful decision to scrap Ground Force is reversed, the latest ad campaign from Brit sports-car makers MG had passed us by.

Fortunately, the audit team from accounting firm Reeves and Neylan dropped us a note to let us know the cheeky motorists have been using a trip to the auditors to glamourise their cars. ‘They may be deathly dull, but getting there won’t be,’ proclaims MG. But R&N disagree, and as the picture shows, what better way to break this stereotype than to sit in a stationery MG with the top down, looking incredibly cool. But the accountancy gene is hard to resist, and the firm didn’t cut loose and splash out on a flash motor ­ it just borrowed it from a client for the day.

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