It’s only rock and payroll


We’re sure you’ll agree that the pop charts haven’t been the same since Busted! split up. McFly just don’t cut it. But we don’t care about the crummy top 40 since discovering the accountancy music charts at

TS is the first to admit the choice is a little limited, given that there are currently only three songs listed, but what three songs! So in the words of Fluff Freeman: ‘Pop pickers, here’s the rundown.’ At number three is Monty Python’s accountancy shanty with the immortal lines: ‘It’s fun to charter an accountant, and sail the wide accountant sea.’ At number two is the Celine Dion-esque KPMG anthem. But straight in at the top spot is a hip-hop track featuring Paul Sarbanes and Mike Oxley rapping about the burdens of section 404.

TS is currently working on its own bid for stardom ­ a thrash-metal ballad about the combined code. We’ll keep you posted.

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