Cable show suffers Brown-out

Vincent Cable is spoiling for a fight.

We know, it’s a bit of a surprise, as the Liberal Democrat shadow chancellor is not the most pugilistic of politicians. He is, by his own admission, a man more given to reflection in dusty libraries than stand-up verbal brawling with his opposite numbers. He’s no Fight Club fan ­ rather a Far from the Madding Crowd devotee. More Hardy than hard nut, shall we say?

But it has come to TS’ attention that Cable is positively busting for a bout with Gordon Brown and Oliver Letwin. He reckons he has the measure of them both and has laid down the gauntlet for them all to appear on TV to sort out the men from the economic lightweights.

But while Letwin is up for it and willing to take on the contender from the yellow corner, Brown has er, well, ignored the invitation.

Strange that. Cable looks like he gives quite a bit away on age and weight to the chancellor, so you would have thought ‘Iron Broon’ would fancy his chances.

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