An accounting classic


TS has long been advised by friends to get into reading ‘the classics’, rather than the latest pulp fiction by Marian Keyes or Dan Brown.

So off we went to internet auction site ebay to find some old books at bargain prices.

While TS considered our purchase successful, we’re not sure the 16th edition of the prospectus entitled ‘Careers in Secretaryship and Accountancy’ from the Metropolitan College in St Albans was exactly what our chums had in mind.

Nevertheless the 1920s book was a riveting read.

Joint-principal Leonard Foster (pictured), or ‘the author’ as TS likes to call him, takes us through a 132-page roller-coaster of courses and testimony, which tells us some accountants earned up to £400 more a year, as a result of signing up. It may not have the twists of a modern thriller, but what it lacks in car chases it makes up with fee-lists galore.

Having dipped our toe into the world of classic literature, TS thinks it will give it another go. We hear the 25th edition is a real page-turner.

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