IFRS a bore for Unilever

Frankly, TS has had it up to here with all this IFRS malarkey. We really can’t be bothered with it any more, and we hold pretty esteemed company with this view.

Unilever finance director Rudy Markham was unavailable for comment this week on the consumer goods group’s shift to IFRS. The subject, a spokesman said, was considered insufficiently newsworthy to waste the FD’s time on.

TS understands that the biggest accounting change for a generation can be a complete turn off. We assume the numbers involved didn’t mean that much to Markham anyway – a billion off the top line there, a billion on the bottom line there. He did, after all, personally take home just over £1.1 million last year. Money, money, money, as Abba used to sing…

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