Song of a lovesick accountant

TS’s dreams of creating an all star band that can storm to the top of the accountancy music charts are halfway there!

Courtesy of Dennis Flynn, we now have some lyrics and a title, all we need now is the music. TS reckons we’re looking at a ballad here.

So, for you pleasure, here is Dennis’ ‘Song of a Lovesick Accountant’.

How account your loss of interest?

How to analyse your manner strange?

Tell me truly of my errors:

Narrate the reasons for this change.

Your company and loving presence

I value over all else on earth.

If some goodwill can now be shown

I venture we’ll see love’s rebirth.

Reconciliation swift I now am seeking:

This current impasse leaves me tense.

Do not discount my urgent pleading:

Do not keep me in suspense.

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