Battling the bottle

As you well know, dear readers, TS is quite partial to cracking open a bottle of bubbly and/or sinking a pint or five down the local alehouse.

But, apart from our comedy back page drinking chums from other magazines, TS is not alone in its penchant for the bottle. Finance professionals, it seems, are also quite attached to a bit of booze.

Sources have revealed to TS that the Priory Group, the infamous celebrity detox hotel-clinic, has turned its attention on the City. The group is launching a campaign targeting indulgent financial professionals who can apparently down a glass with the best of them.

The Priory estimates that some professionals are downing up to 40 pints, or one-and-a-half bottles of vodka, a week. Some are also said to be fans of the Colombian marching powder. Even TS would battle to keep up with this kind of excess!

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll? Sex, drugs and financial services sounds far more dangerous.

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