Cutting costs begins at home

Ts_ipods Charged with handling one of the biggest single cost-cutting drives the BBC has ever seen, TS was surprised to hear of group finance director Zarin Patel’s rather extravagant approach to music and gadgets.

Back in December she took the plunge and joined the kids in buying one of those new-fangled iPod portable gramophone things. So impressed was she with the gadget that she is already onto her second iPod.

‘I have one for one type of music and one for another type of music,’ she says, without a hint of irony, considering the efficiency drives she is currently embarking on.

TS can’t help but wonder what music Patel will be whistling on her journey to work. Can we suggest Queen’s Another one Bites the Dust? Or Money’s too Tight to Mention by Simply Red, or even ­ dare we say it ­ I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. Or would that be overly cynical?

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