From accounts to arrows

Phil_taylor Being a huge fan of the finest sport in the world, darts, TS was a little perturbed to hear that there is a new contender for Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor’s crown as one of the great athletes.

What is a little surprising, and perhaps a little insulting, is that this one has come straight from the boardroom with little experience.

Justin Irwin, a senior director at charity ChildLine, is giving up his £50,000 a-year position in an attempt to become the darts world champion, despite having not played the game much.

He admits he never lost his childhood ambition to become a champ in any sport, and having found himself to be not particularly adept at more traditional games like football and rugby, he’s turned his attention to what he believes is a much easier game.

But Irwin could well face a shock. TS, knows that the stamina and skill required to continually throw arrows accurately after 10 pints, is enormous. We wish him luck, but expect we’ll see him back in a suit before too long.

Anyone out there got any similar ambitions for greatness, or have already started to act on them? We’d love to hear from you. The best may even get a bottle of bubbly to celebrate abandoning the desk for their dreams. Just click on the comments button below and let Uncle TS help you along the chosen path.

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