Marta’s swinging campaign

Marta_andreasen_cut If TS hadn’t spent the weekend chasing poultry round a field in Berkshire (don’t ask) we would have been tempted to pop into London to see our favourite EC whistleblower.

Marta Andreasen was in the capital speaking at a rally urging people to vote against the EU constitution, claiming that it will add to the problems of fraud and waste that she uncovered during her time there as chief accountant.

What really tickled TS though was that this time she has teamed up with veteran lefty Tony Benn in her campaign against the European behemoth. Given that her last action in the UK saw her siding with former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote, TS suspects that had her political movements featured on Peter Snow’s celebrated election swing-o-meter, she would have fried its computer-generated circuits.

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