Vote Tesco! Higginson for chancellor

Higginson_cut We’re sure that, by now, you’re all fed up to the back teeth of hearing that Tesco’s continuing bash at global domination has been carried out on the back of providing value for money products, good customer service and from branching out into areas that other supermarkets don’t go, such as insurance. But, if a recent survey is to be believed, they should be leveraging their brand even further – into politics.

City business accident and emergency specialists Begbies Traynor said that Tesco’s came out top in research that asked people which company they most wanted to run UK plc. Yesterday’s results – £2bn in profits – would no doubt go some way to reinforce their view.

TS reckons that would make Tesco FD Andrew Higginson the man best placed to be the next chancellor of the exchequer. He could perhaps introduce queue busting check-out girls in hospitals to reduce waiting times and make available low priced own-brand goods like wheelie bins. Most of all Tesco should be running education – especially maths teaching. The advantages there are obvious for all to see. Forget Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems – Vote Tesco! Terry Leahy for president…I mean prime minister… anyone?

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