Sir David drams it to the US

Johnnywalkerblacklabel Last week’s annual ICAEW Brussels conference offered up the perfect stage for IASB supreme Sir David Tweedie to show off his talents at what he loves best: stand up comedy.

Having heard a few of his routines before, TS wasn’t surprised to see accounting’s version of Jack Dee take the mike for a debate on the global agenda for financial reporting and waste no time in using what he loves best to do what he most certainly loves a very close second-best, namely riling our cousins from across the Atlantic.

Faced with US claims that it had found the answer to accounting for goodwill – in writing it off over several years – Sir David pulled no punche,s referencing a great love of TS’s, a good Scotch.

‘Johnny Walker Black Label is actually older than the United States,’ said the dour and confrontational Scot. ‘And I would rather write off the US than Johnny Walker Black Label.’ Ouch.

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