Down Rover, down!

It was supposed to be a gala evening -­ a night when we would celebrate another hard-working year in the accounting world. Instead the Accountancy Age Awards ceremony in the year 2000 found TS perched precariously between two seething adversaries ­ John Millett the FD of Rover and Jon Moulton, managing partner of Alchemy, the VC negotiating to buy the stricken car company from BMW.

There was little love lost between the two, and, far from a glittering night of joy, TS found itself operating as unofficial peacekeeper, a position about as enviable as wearing a blue helmet in Baghdad.

Little surprise then that Rover’s troubles have surfaced again, with Moulton doing the TV rounds to say ‘I told you so’. Millett has so far been mute, but TS is still checking future seating plans with considerable care.

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