Big Four bribes continue

Yet more examples have reached TS of the lengths the Big Four – and even some companies – will go to in order to attract new accountants.

Following tales of campus hi-jinks involving rickshaws, hot air balloons and light shows last week, we’ve now heard that yet more newly qualifieds were being wooed unusually at the Accountancy Worldwide Forum.

Food an alcohol were the bribes of the day, with vodka shots available from KPMG Moscow, tubs of chocolates from Deloitte UK, and rum soaked cake (an excellent combination of both baits) from Ernst & Young in Bermuda.

But frankly none of this was a patch on what you could get from delivery guys TNT at the forum, which had remote control cargo planes and replica delivery trucks on offer. TS would have signed up immediately. It was certainly a better ploy than Procter and Gamble, which took to throwing nappies into the crowds at one point. TS just hopes they were fresh.

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